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East Kinshasa District UMC

The Est Kinshasa District of the United Methodist Church is one of the four districts of the West Congo Annual Conference of the Central Congo Episcopal Area of The United Methodist Chruch with 10 local churches.

The district has 4,190 members with 16 pastors. 

District Cousil:

District Superintendent   : Rev. Louis Loma Otshudi     +243999932524

Associate                      : Rev. Omba Kasongo  +243999981445

District Lay Leader         : Mr. Leonard Tadikete Yemba +243815081057

Deputy Lay Leader        : Mr. Claude Abedi

Finance President          :Mr. Jean Berthord Kalema

Cashier                        : Mme. Emilienne Wutshu Lundu

Men President               : Mr. Rene Woto

Women President          : Mme. Henriete Okako

Youth President             : Brotther Gabriel Loseke

Evangelist                     : Rev. Mukondi Bienvenu

Logistic                        : Brother Papy Tshupa


Sunday School              : Mme Osembo Ngongo

Ministeriel Committee   

Oeucumenism Leader    

Worship and Music       

Circuits Leaders